Release Notice: Mac OS Firmware Update Utility TSDNMAC

For your information:

Samsung released a Mac OS firmware update utility which is made available on the website.

At this moment Mac Users can download the latest firmware versions and update utility for all Mac OS Compatible labelled models.

If you have any suggestions, or questions please feel free to reply!

Thank you.

Samsung OMS Team,

Excellent news :bow:

Thread sticked :slight_smile:

Direct Link to TSDNMAC instructions:
DirectLink to file:

TSDNMAC and separate bin firmware is made available for the SE-T084P firmware (just look if there is the Apple icon shown) at the moment. For other drives, the bin firmware needs to be extracted from the Windows package (see FAQ).


Wow. It’s even universal (runs on PPC and Intel Macs).

So we have a Mac version of DVRFlash (Pioneer), BinFlash (Optiarc), and TSDN (Samsung).

All we need now is a Mac flasher for Lite-On.

Mac users:

Don’t be confused by the firmware files. They are in a Windows *.exe file format.

This is just a wrapper file.

You can extract the *.bin firmware file using Stuffit

Next, follow the TSDNMAC instructions - easy as pie!

Good luck. :slight_smile:

It’s also available for S-506 AB.

nobody reads FAQ nowadays?