Release date of the Aopen DUW 1616?


I saw it at a CeBit-news. Anybody knows the release date of that drive?


Hi there,
I don’t know the release date but I can tell you that it will NO longer be using a RICOH chipset. :frowning:

From what I understand, this drive will now be utilizing an MTK chipset.


What can the Ricoh-chipset, what the MTK can´t?

Generally speaking, MTK chipset based drives have crap write quality at higher speeds.

Like the Liteon, LG (which is a top-writer when not using 16x)or Samsung?

I read the 1608-review, but the write-quality wasn´t the best, but it seems to be that the newer FW´s making the 1608 better

LiteOn, Samsung, BTC and others use MTK chipsets.
LG does not. LG makes good drives. :slight_smile:

Shame about this though…


LG have good drives with the most media :slight_smile:

But their FW-support isn´t good :frowning: