Release Date Announced for the New 3520 Firmware

May 1ST!

That site doesn’t list if the error scanning feature is part of the new version though.

man that sux.What a rip.Thanx for the heads up tripleH

You are right, but the next firmware release for the 3520 is supposed to include the error testing… and being as this is the next release for the 3520, It is safe to say, this is probably it…

Well at least they didn’t announce it on April 1st. :smiley:

They looked at this forum and for every single post asking for where it was at they added a day. I’m just guessing of course, hehe. :slight_smile:

TripleH. Thanks for the heads up. That “estimated availabilty date” doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s released on time. :slight_smile:

What do you guys say to getting some chains, pipes, and baseball bats and going to pursuade NEC to release it a little sooner?

Better late than never :confused:

And anyone knows if there will be a 3500 PI/PIF capable FW from NEC?


Thanks for the info, missed that post :confused:

How do we know this? I’ve only seen PI/PF testing announced for the 3500, not the 3520. The chipset in these drives is not the same…

Well thats nearly March!

Maybe the 3540 will be released before the F/W for 3520 ! :o

What the hack, we have our own cdfreaks F/W updaters, Liggy&Dee and more famous cdfreaks, to many to write out of my head now :smiley: