Rejects the cue sheet



i got a cue sheet and a bin file for nba street. but when i try to copy it with blindwrite i get an error 05 26 00. i checked the website. so what i think that means is the cue sheet was rejected. i tried with cdrwin v. 3.9 and i get an error that says my burner ethier doesn't have a blank cd in it or that its not ready.

Please help.


Have you opened the cue sheet in for example notepad to see if thge path to the bin was a relative or absolute one?

If it is an absolute path, make it relative or make sure that the bin is the exact same dir as the cue file says it is.

Other than that I have no idea…


I did check the path in the cue and it was relevent, so thats not the problem


Could you place the contents of the CUE here? Perhaps your writer doesn’t support the write mode (2048/2352?)


My cd writer is an hp 9150i, if it doesn’t support the write mode, is there any, way i can burn this file?