Rejected serials

Hi guys, I’m a Noob so plz be gentle and direct me if I am doing things wrong like posting in the wrong group etc.

Recently, all my serials are rejected. Programs like Alcohol 120%, CloneCD adn NewsBinPro are rejected. I also cant use the old serials anymore. They are not recognized anymore. When I uninstall everything and run regclean and then reinstall again, the problem remains. Due to the Norton antivirus 2003 (autoupdate) I’m using, i don’t expect this to be a virus.

Plz help me cuz I don’t know what to do for I am a Noob. Thnx in advance. :bow:

If your legally obtained serials no long function correctly you should contact the makers of the software in question.

That makes sense, yes, but it’s not just one program so I guess there must be another underlying factor which causes these problems… anybody got an idea?

Perhaps your system time is malfunctioning.