New to this site and floundering among forums but think I am in the right place now(I hope).
I posted this on the newbie forum earlier.
Last January I got a Dell 2400 with Windows XP Home, a Sony CRX216E burner and Sonic RecordNow 6.5.3 software.
Since then the HD was formatted and Windows2000 Professional was installed(don’t ask).
I am a neophyte at this and after slowly getting everything functioning I still cannot install the Sonic software from the CD sent with the Dell. It seems to be looking for XP and will not install on W2K. Aside from the OS everything else is the same.
After researching, it seems that the Sony drive model and the Sonic software version are not your standard fare(can’t find them on their websites). Is it safe to assume these are special for the Dell? Anyway, is there any way to get my software to install on W2K?

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Not a great start :wink: