Reinstalling Nero 6

About 2 years ago I bought an Asus 1608P drive that came bundled with Nero “OEM Suite” (this is a subset of version 6). I have replaced the drive with an Asus 1608P3S which came bundled with Nero “OEM Suite 2” (also a subset of version 6 but later revisions).
I presume that I should now install the later “OEM Suite 2”
1: Should I simply install OEM Suite 2 over OEM Suite or should I first uninstall OEM Suite?
2: If I should first uninstal OEM Suite, should I use the Add/Remove applet in Control Panel (which has entries for Nero OEM and for InCD) or should I run the Nero CleanTool? If I should do both, which one should I do first?

Just use Nero Clean Tool and check the box “Clean All”. I wouldn’t install InCD. It can conflict with other burning apps in Nero. Some of the OEM Suites of Nero do not come with DVD support with Nero Vision and Nero Media Player, or just time limited support. If you have DVD support with these programs now you might not have it when you install Suite 2.
Always use Nero Clean Tool to uninstall any vers. of 6.

Thanks for your reply.
WIth the old version, I had DVD support.
Any reason I can’t just keep the older OEM Suite (and download all the updates from the Nero web site)? Do all the OEM Suites update to the same version and differ only in which applications are enabled?

Some times ( may be even most of the times) the “Serial Number” being supplied with OEM Suite is not adequate for future upgrading from Nero side. These OEM is usually one time use and not upgradable.

You can update your older one sure! The serial # is what limits what is installed with the update. Save the serial # before using Clean Tool. The only problem you might have is if the first disc of Nero is a propriatary version ( only will work with the drive it came with). Then after updating it will not recognize you new drive.
The newest update for 6.6 is which requires a lot of system memory installed (min 512mb, better with 1 gig), and will not work automaticly with DVD Shrink (you have to save the files to your HD and the open them manually With Nero). You would probably be better off with a version from to Check what version came with your new burner, it might be If it is I would use that disc and then install your old serial number from your old version in StartSmart later if you find out that you don’t have the DVD support. The only version you can get from Nero now is 6.6.14. You might be able to find to .18 on a mirror type website.
I hope you have high speed internet because the 3 updates you will need are quite large.

Wobble: Thanks for the info- One last (I hope) question.

There are several CleanTools:
General CleanTool
Driver and registery CleanTool
INCD CleanTool
Nero 6 CleanTool

What does each of them do?

One more “last” question. <G>

The version of OEM Suite 2 that came bundled with the new drive is v6.6.0.14d. The paper sleeve does not have a serial number. I presume that the serial number is generated and stored in the registry during installation.
If for any reason I need to use the old serial number (which I have retrieved from the registry) how do I change serial numbers.

General Clean Tool allows you to remove all or just part of Nero applications.
Driver and registery Clean tool will check your computer for any drivers and registery entries from Nero and other programs that might conflict with Nero. If you have any other CD-DVD burning programs on your computer it can remove things that will make these programs work properly so use this at your own disgression. Its never given me any problems.
InCD Clean tool removes all of InCD. General Clean Tool will do the same if you check the Clean All box.
The serial # will be generated when you Install the new disc.
You can add your old serial# in Nero Start Smart by clicking on the button at the bottom right of the screen (looks like a flame) then click on the second page named Serial Numbers.

The fog has finally cleared. What I didn’t understand is that Nero uses the serial number to determine which modules are lecenced to the user. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears that if one enters several serial numbers, one is licenced to all the modules that relate to at least one of the serial numbers.
many thanks…

That is correct. And since you own two discs you are intitled to what ever options are on both discs.
Have fun!