Reinstalling Alcohol 120%

hi guyz

I am a NFS lover but i love downloading n playing the game so i need virtual drives (cd/dvd) for playing the game. I Use win xp 64 bit Edition . Recenlty installed Alcohol 120% which was great and i started playing the game after some time it got expired and i Got pysched out :a . after lot of trouble i uninstalled it and also deleted the registry keys for the software and not a single file was left in the system (as per my knowledge) (used revo uninstaller ). Then after a restart tried reisntalling the alcohol but it gave me the same error after isntalling it again . *** your trial period has expired ***
Now the Question is where the heck is the File stored which has the information about the Expiry thing.

Please help cuz its a lovely discovery to find out fr me.
I know we can use the cracked one or any other software for this purpose . but whts naggin me is wher is the file stored even after registry cleanup.
Point to be noted !!!
A lot of problems can be solved by knwoing this !!!;):bow:

Hi culdude4ever1, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Unfortunately your in a bit of a gray area where your trying to defeat the protection put by a software manufacturer and we can’t help you do that.