Reinstall XP OVER old Foler or in a New One?

I recently had a bad bios update and now I’m installing Windows onto my new Board. I have installed my old Hard drive and the bios recognizes all the hardware and begins the startup as normal but the initial screen only comes on for 3 seconds before rebooting over and over. So–I know the new motherboard does not accept the drivers and whatnot that are on the old hard drive so I put the XP recovery disk into the DvD-Rom and start a fresh install.

This time I noticed an option–install XP over the Current Windows Folder thereby losing all programs and settings, or keep all the old programs and settings by installing XP into a “NEW” folder. I named the new Folder WINNEW and sure enough, my machine loaded the new XP program in about 10 minutes compared to about 90 minutes for the fresh install.—but, none of the old programs are registered thru the bios/registry and most of them will not even start even though the .exe program is in the Program root. The task manager bar is empty and so forth.

So, my question–seems like I need to do a fresh install and reinstall all my other programs===OR AM I MISSING SOMETHING?? When would it make sense to install windows XP to a new folder if all the other programs and settings while “there” still don’t work? I sense this is a “dumb option” or there is some tweak I can do now to make everything work?

Any ideas or hints??? ///// bobbo.

First try booting up with the Windows CD and choose the repair option. That should make it work.


I just did a repair install form someone with the OEM PC’s recovery CD and it worked pretty well. They’d even set it up so all drivers are installed together with XP. All previously installed programs are still there and working as before. The PC’s hardware was unchanged from the original installation though (except for an added floppy drive and extra stick of RAM) and it does require re-activation and re-downloading of post-SP2 Windows updates.

The repair install will sometimes leave orphan bits in the registry so you might have to tweak things as stuff comes up that might not work properly but for me it has rescued a few installs I borked over time.
If you do get errors write down or save the codes and google is your friend :bow:
I had some pretty weird errors after the last one but with some searching and persistence everything seems to be sorted again.
OF course best thing is a clean install but I hate redoing all the stuff I got just the way I want it.

Something for you to be aware of

:cool: :cool:

Wow, from nothing to overload in 9 nine hours?? cool.

Well, I’m not doing a repair install at all. My XP disk is a recovery disk that does not include repair–I can only use it to reinstall the original XP Pro program. I’m working with a partition that has the earlier XP on it but the harddrive got moved to a new motherboard.

Its on this new fresh install that the OS loader notices:: “There is already a windows installation on your machine. Do you wish to overwrite it erasing all programs and settings, or install to a new folder?” When you install to a new renamed Windows folder, the computer then starts as if it was a fresh install but the C Drive root has the old windows folder and the old “Programs” folder. All the old programs are still in that folder but none of them that are not freestanding will work.===So, either this is a totally useless option or there is a missing tweak. The tweak/repair doesn’t sound likely though as it would involve “doing away with” or merging the original windows folder after creating a new renamed one, which was what I was expecting this “option” to do?

As it looks like this rebuild process will take place fairly often in the future, my solution has been to create a backup DvD that has a simple list/collection of all the freestanding programs and all the programs that have to be installed along with their shortcuts and drivers. Now it only takes about 30 minutes to simply install by copying or activating the 287 additional programs I use after loading XP. Its not slipstreamed or silent install, but it is sweet none-the-less. /// bobbo.