Reinstall Softmod?



I successfully sofmodded my xbox with SID (either 4.0 or 4.1, if I remember correctly) and the Splinter Cell exploit, using

UnleashX as the dashboard. UnleashX has since been upgraded to the latest version. I used single boot with no virtual eeprom, but

enabled HD support. I’ve got everything like the eeprom backed up, since I needed to do that to put in a bigger hard drive. Then

I went ahead and successfully put in a new, huge hard-drive. I loaded up a large amount of games and everything went fairly well

for a few months. Then, while my daughter was playing a game, the system seemed to crash. I forgot the error message I saw on the

screen, but when I turned the box off and then back on, it booted up to the original dashboard. I tried a few times with the same


Next, I went ahead and used Frosty’s Rescue Disk, which helped me the one previous time I had a problem with the dashboard

somehow getting corrupted. The disk helped me FTP and reload the dashboard that time, but this time, the XBOX won’t read the DVD.

It is as if the xbox is no longer softmodded, or something in the sofftmod itself got corrupt and is acting like an unmodded

xbox. I tied a few other DVDs. A backed-up game cannot be recognized/read. An original game can be recognized and read.

I can’t FTP into the system to try to fix the problem. Should I do the whole softmod thing again? If I do, do I lose all the

games and applications that now reside on the F and G partitions (huge 500GB drive)? Do I lose anything on the C or E partitions,

like user data if I softmod again? Is there something else I can do besides softmod again, or is softmodding again no big deal?

If I do softmod, should I use the new 5.0 version, or should I use the same one I used originally. Any “cons” to using 5.0 this

time if I used an earlier version before? What do you think? Thanks!