Reinstall problems

internet connection went wonky when i changed back to dial up, and the .dll files were missing and it then said i didn’t have admin rights to install new software, so i thought i’d repair windows.

i backed up all the software i was keeping to my 2nd HDD and then repaired windows, it was even worse, so i reinstalled windows (quick format) and now i can’t access my 2nd HDD to retrieve all the software, i have gave it a drive letter, but now when i try to access it, it wants to format the drive.

is there anyway for me to keep the software on the drive and be able to access it?

Hopefully you quick formatted the correct drive. :eek:

Not that this is going to help, but when I do a full reinstall I always unplug the backup drive. :slight_smile:

yip, formatted the correct drive, 120 Gb maxtor, didn’t think that not unplugging it would matter as i wasn’t touching it, is there any recovery software that i could use to even access the drive

There are several, there is also BartPE which is freeware.

cheers iss, but i have sorted it out. i used a program called stellar phoenix ntfs, which saw all the files and i was able to transfer over to the good HDD and now i have formatted and transfered them back, and also i have made an image of C drive with Acronis True Image, so hope fully this will all help me.

time consuming mistake by me :Z :bigsmile:

Stellar phoenix is an excellent program I have used it several times.

thanks for the link to BartPE, i’ll have a look at it when i get my broadband installed, going back to dial up is cr*p

be glad you have the choice of having broadband. I am stuck with dialup with no choice of having broad band anytime soon.

so, maybe not having it means that you’ve not had to go back to it :frowning: (i hope you know what i’m meaning), but i do feel sorry for those that are not able to get it and the limitation it gives you, i take it you live way out of town, but you’ll have better view’s there than the city dwellers :iagree:

satalite ? (too dear)