Reinstall Outlook Express

Is there any way to reinstall Outlook Express, as i’m now getting an error when i start it up (when it checks for mail, intermitantly), it suggests a reinstallation. It receives mail ok when i click on send/receive :confused:

is there a “Detect & Repair” menu item under the Help file menu like most other MS programs? if not, you should go to Add/Remove control panel and select the Add/Remove Windows Components on the left side…OE is one of the components…

The quickest way to do it is to Click [Start] [Run] and type sfc /scannow in the box.

You will need your XP CD Rom and insert it when prompted

Cheer’s, i’ll give them a try.

Edit; drpino, couldn’t find detect & repair, i aslo tried add/remove progs, to see if i could repair it from there, but it’s not there.
coathi; tried your way, and hopefully it’ll work.

Cheers to both of you :clap:

Have a look here mate if the other options dont work…
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I use mailwasher pro, and after i processed mail today i got this when OE started to receive mail, TMProxy error, some other stuff, [-8/PH1/ENG00000000]

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If I’m not wrong, outlook espress is a part of Internet Explorer. If you reinstall IE, then you should repair a faulty outlook express. Take a look on microsoft site there.

And do a backup of your mail accounts before to reinstall

Outlook Express is a totally separte Windows component - you can install and uninstall it through Windows Component Wizard. (easiest way to find is through add/remove software and click on the 3 button on the right hand side - add/remove windows components

why not just trash all IE and Windows crap and get a better brower client…(Firefox) and better email client (THunderbird) :slight_smile:

You don’t may try reinstall Outlook Express, if you have Windows 98 with installated OE, then better i consult repair outlook express in windows 98. This application know how restore the damaged Outlook Express folder and describe the whole process of the Outlook Express Repair stage by stage, also you can look through the recovered messages the same way you do it in the Outlook Express.

nearly 2 years on :rolleyes: , but thanks, the problem was fixed.

oi aye, forgot to say, thanks for all the help :bigsmile:

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The quickest way is to create a new identity in oe.

I think you don’t must Reinstall, try better repairing outlook express, it features may your come in handy, know how support repairing Outlook Express folders with a size up to 4Gb, repair for Outlook Expres files in a Batch mode, restore of the attached files are obligatory.