Regular TV - Is 4:3 or "auto" better?



I’m just wondering which setting will give me a better full screen image for watching burned DVD’s on a regular TV, 4:3 or the “automatic” setting?

So far I’ve only used the 4:3 but I’m wondering about the difference. Can anyone clarify this for me?



Theoretically, the ‘auto’ setting will copy all available resolutions…


Well, on the source info if the file is 16:9, is it advisable to change settings to 16:9 even though I’ll be watching on a regular TV? I don’t want to lose image due to unwanted cropping, etc.

Is it best to set the format on 4:3 if it’s a regular TV that the DVD will be watched on? I’m still unsure.


Yes, it is best to leave it on auto. This ensures that you keep all image in DVD.
And set DVD player to send 4:3 Letterbox to TV, so that it does not crop anything out.