Regular DVD players thing of the past



Looks like regular DVD players without progressive scan and divx support thing of the past now :slight_smile:


Jast orderd new dvd player,should play:most recordebel media,divx,xvid,ntsc,pal,has hdmi connection.Will see how it’s works.


I have ordered new divx player and dvd recorder coming :slight_smile:


Witch brand did you orderer?



I went whit oppo dv-981hp from


All I can say Is WOW :slight_smile:


I didn’t herd about this brand before,looks good on the paper, so i desided to test it my self,hope i didn’t make mistake.


There still a market for the Basic DVD player for about $30.


It’s the same over here in the UK.

DVD Players under £30 will give you basic DVD and VCD playback.

You’re looking at paying between £45-£65 for DVD Players which support DivX.