Regret ordering a Samsung SH-S203N?

I currently have a Lite-on SHM-165H6S which has started giving me problems so I placed an order for a Samsung SH-S203N after doing a little bit of research.

I usually use whatever crap DVD+R media that is on sale to burn to.

Will I regret ordering a Samsung SH-S203N? I think I should have done a lot more research before placing my order and maybe have ordered a Pioneer instead.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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I have two Sammy 203B’s and one Pioneer 215D@L and all three are very good burners.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll most likely end up keeping it even if it isn’t good since after shipping and restocking I won’t be left with much of a refund.

Think I’ll also make the switch from cheap DVD+R media to a good brand after I finish these cheap ones off.

[QUOTE=tsuneari;2052959]Think I’ll also make the switch from cheap DVD+R media to a good brand after I finish these cheap ones off.[/QUOTE]Good idea. I only use Tayio Yuden for my stuff but people here also like Verbatim media. If you haven’t look around the Blank Media forum and Bargain Basement forum for deals.

I have nothing but praise over the Samsung 203N especially after the patch utility that was released it just got better. Crappy media will be a big source of your problems on burning and not so much the burner.

My Lite-on used to handle cheap media flawlessly. I am about 75% done with this current spindle of 100 DVD+R and all of the sudden during burning and reading it started making strange noises and dropping speed down to 0x. I just figure the drive is dying.

yeah if you can try it another pc to be sure…

I have the SH-S203B and plan to order the SH-S203N myself in the next few days… and I agree with Dr. Who about the patch FBFR firmware. I flash my 203B with it and it is now one of the fastest readers AND fastest burners I’ve ever owned…

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I think it very unlikely that you’ll regret getting the 203N.
The Pioneer is better with DL, but if you use Verbatim the 203 will burn successfully.
As already mentioned, unless you burn at max speed with quality 16x rated media.
Due to writing strategy, the 203 is somewhat slower than the competition.
The patched f/w remedies this.
As for speed as a ripper/reader.
Even in native form it is one of the quickest with pressed DL’s around (in my experience the fastest).
Here the patched f/w affects the speed with SL not DL.

It’s nice to hear it’s a fast reader because mainly I use my burner to backup movies to single layer. I will order some 16x Verbatim DVD+R for it.

Thank you guys for the advice. Now I am really looking forward to when it arrives.

Just an update. I received my SH-S203N a few hours ago, installed it, and did a few burns. It’s awesome so far. No problems with installation or mobo compatibility(I was expecting problems there).

I’m burning to the same media I was having problems with in my old Lite-on with great results. It is burning the RICOHJPN-R03-04 DVD+R at 18x instead of the rated 16x. My old Lite-on couldn’t even handle them at 8x.

It came loaded with the newest firmware. I don’t see a reason to flash it with patched firmware yet but I haven’t tried reading a DL pressed dvd.

The only thing i really patch with MCSE was T02’s with T03’s and burn them at 20x…really not to bad results.

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Read speed with DL.
Depending on setup, condition of disc, pressing quality etc.
You may get up to 12x.
Generally anything significantly above this has diminishing returns.
Error correction has to work that much harder.
With poor discs possible retry (reread) a specific area of disc.
So time gained may not be proportional.
If it does all you require stick with current f/w.
For now at least. :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=zebadee;2053762]Hi :slight_smile:
If it does all you require stick with current f/w.
For now at least. :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

I’ll agree with zebadee on sticking with stock fw for a while with the reason being if the
drive acts up/dies you will still be able to return it. Once you flash it with a non-stock fw
your warranty is voided so it is best to use it for a while to make sure it isn’t going to die
on you right away. :wink:

yeah unless you are sure it works good no flashing…that said i flashed my Pioneer 215D to 215L using MCSE for bitsetting as soon as i got it. Drives are pretty cheap here.