Registry Mechanic 5.0

Download it Here

Get your key for the software HERE

Where do you find all these deals, I already have this proggy, I wonder if it the lastest 5.2.310?

Dr. Who’s on a roll:wink: Many thanks :flower:

Serial came through on Yahoo just fine.

(@Al - Nah just ‘5.0’ as in the thread title)

Thanks, it must be the version right before the latest Great for free though.

Yes absolutely. IYO does 5.2 have anything extra useful…? Just curious… :slight_smile:

I think it has a different scanning engine, I really am not sure.

Thanks for another one Dr. Who.

I’m a chronic web surfer alan1476. Free is free that’s the way I look at it. LOL

Thanks Dr. Who

You have saved my good money today!!
The next round of beer is on me!

And trust me I’m Thirsty too! LOL

This is version, which was released about 14 months ago.


Works pretty good - thank you for the lead-eh!

Is this better than EasyCleaner 2.0 or CCleaner 1.34?


The problem with system mechanic is that it also clean your registry and by doing so you will soon find out that some of your program no longer works after mecnanic operation. So do be careful.

I believe you’re right, I do find 5.2 faster than 5.0.

Yo BK-

I ran CC before I ran the free Registry Mechanic 5 and it found 152 things that needed removed - so I think that each has its place (CC removes all your internet trails - besides a ton of other things)-

I’m gonna run them both-eh!

I hear ya.

I have Norton Win Doctor, Easy Cleaner, CCleaner and now Registry Mechanic and I will probably be running all 4 of them, as each one seems to find and fix different problems.

The more choice, it’s all good.

I dont like to install too many utilities in my computer, but oh well I am gonna give it a try. Right now I only have lemme see, zone alarm suite, clonedvd, dvddecryptor/imageburner (awesome software), nero cdspeed, qsuite, COD2, Half Life 2, MS Office 2003 Pro, Newsbin Pro 4.0 and ACDSEE and thats it on my system. I have tons of other softwares just that I dont like running/installing them.

I agree with your thinking, I have only bare minimum programs installed to keep my system as simple as possible.

As far as registry cleaners go, in my experience, Registry Mechanic is one of the least agressive ones and quite safe to use.

cheers Dr, i already have registry Mechanic, but this will be an early birthday present for my brother :bigsmile: