Registry fixer



hey does anyone know of any registry fixers that will get rid of all the bad things in it coz i get an error message when ever i turn the computer on and i have to edit my registry to get my task manager to work


A level of corruption that severe would probably be better solved by a full reinstall of XP, rather than trying any of the numerous registry cleaning applications.


I use Ace Utilities and it works for me!

This is the addy for the trial version.


Regseeker (freeware), download here, has always worked well for me. If the “cleaners” don’t work…you can always do a full reinstall of xp as suggested by brokenbuga.


Highly recommended is CCleaner


Man steer far away from those auto cleaners. Their based on what the writer thinks it should be and every system is different. And unless you have worked with the registry often and know what your doing don’t play with it. Just one little wrong move and you will be doing that full reload. Not saying you should not learn how to use regedit but take it a little at a time.


@bk…dunno about that with every cleaner. I’m not saying that you can’t get into trouble and I think you’re right in issuing a cautionary statement re: the user having some experience. I’ve recommended Regseeker to quite a few, novice and experienced alike…so far, so good. In this case, I’m not sure what matskies has to lose…he may be doing a clean, new install as suggested anyway. His system does sound like it’s a mess. Sorry if it sounds like I’m trying to start a fight…I’m really not.


I agree maineman. I know what I’m doing in regedit, but I’m also happy with these ‘cleaning programs’

As you will be aware, most of them ask for confirmation before deleting registry values anyway.


[QUOTE=mainemanSorry if it sounds like I’m trying to start a fight…I’m really not.[/QUOTE]

Non taken. I figured out long ago you cant fight on a computer screen. I know where both the ignore and on/off buttons are

As Far as “most of them ask for confirmation before deleting registry values anyway.”

Pray you hit the right confirmation button


Here´s a curious one…

"Fix Registry Fixer"

Designed, so they claim, to fix the f-ups that registry fixers create!



Cutting edge of software. A program to fix the fixes.

No thanks :disagree:

Hey do what you want, It’s not my system
Over and out


And for everything …a low, introductory price of only $109.80. Geez, I wonder where the line (must be a long one) starts for these wondrous products…I hear they wash windows (the glass ones ) too!.. :bigsmile:


Advanced Registry Optimizer has worked pretty well for me. Just make sure you use it to make a backup copy of your registry and it’s always a good idea to back up critical user files on your system (those you couldn’t afford to lose) prior to using ANYTHING like this… URL is


I’ll take your word for that dean’


I agree.

I been around computers for a long time and I have tried many of the “so-called” Registry cleaners. Not a single one of them have been successful. Somehow I’m always left with programs not working correctly and requiring reinstallation and other issues after using these cleaners.

Most recent was last week. I had to reinstall WS_FTP PRO on a system I was working on after using CCleaner. The program refused to even launch after CCleaner butchered the Registry. Sometimes it might take a week or two to discover the ill-effects of these cleaners. None of them has worked properly.

I dare not run these things on my personal system again.
For me, it’s just a lot simpler to address changes in the Registry manually allbeit a bit more time consuming.

Such has been my experiences.