Registry Entry Needed

I have a problem with the Registry on my Satellite 5005-S504 Toshiba Laptop w/XP Home Edition. I’m currently in a location, there is a very large never ending beach here, and I can not do Microsofts/Toshiba’s/Roxio’s recommended approach of re-image the hard drive if the other solutions don’t work.

The problem is that on my DVD/CD-RW I can play DVDs but not read Audio CDs. The recommended solution is to delete the entries in the registry for LowerFilters and UpperFilters but this didn’t work. Second was to re-install software…not available. Third is to re-image. If I could get the registry entries for prior to my installation of roxio I would be happy. I basically need someone with the same system and no roxio to tell me that data in only the two data fields requested.:bow:

just curious I was wondering why cant you go into my computer …then tools and then folder options and then file types and just go to audio there and change it ??? change what options it …or just put winamp on or another program where it will change it …and depends what audio your having trouble to where in the registry you go … just have to be more specific …


:bigsmile: Tried several programs to do just that and the recommendd solution from all vendors is to re-image the drive which is not acceptable where I’m currently located. One of the many problems with Microsoft anything is that what is supposed to work doesn’t always work.

Roxio…the main culprit of the problem has an engine update but in the infinite wisdom of the internet nazi’s here I can’t download it at the moment. The best solution remains to get the correct registry info, barring that I will just have to wait until I return to home.

But thanks for the response…good to see someone out there is listening…:rolleyes: :smiley: