Registration Problems



I had registration code for DVDFab “DVD to DVD”(Gold) (Never Expire) Version 6 and DVDFab “DVD to Mobile” (Never Expire) . The Version 7 came out and I updated. Version 8 came out and uninstalled version 6 and 7 three days ago and now Version 8 is in trial mode and the registration code that I have for version 6 wiil not work for version 8. I contacted the DVDFab people via their product download website and haven’t heard back from them asking for a new key as the one that I downloaded yesterday doesn’t work when I double click on the file.:sad:

Please DvDFab send me a new key to register V8 in text not file mode. If you won’t provide me with a new key at least give me download access to version 6 of the software.



Try to re download and use your existing version 6 key, sometimes a bad download will do what you are describing.

You can also try and get a new key after you log in here:


Thanks for the reply. I had downloaded the keys a few times with the same result.

However I managed to locate a copy of the v6 software. I uninstalled v8 and installed v6, however the registration codes still wouldn’t work.

Then uninstalled v6 again and went into the registry and exported and saved a copy of the registry. I then deleted any reference to DVDFab and restarted the computer.

Installled v6 and the registration codes I had worked. :smiley: I then installed v8 and it is now registered , I’m a happy camper as the problem I had is now resolved.:bigsmile:



Glad to hear you got it working.