Registration problems, any help other there



What am I doing wrong

paid for and received from Slysoft…

saved to desktop

firewall is shut down

right clicked and unlocked key

double clicked and restarted system and still nothing

re-downloaded AnyDVD… it updated and now I have 21 day evaluation…
is this the problem?

went to register it and this is what I get:

I read kamikazee’s Thread, but nothing

can anyone help? Is it the fact its still in the Trial period?


I give you credit on the image least you proved it wasn’t a crack…LOL


Try to:

  1. uninstall your AnyDVD
  2. delete the directory Slysoft from Registry
  3. delete directory Slysoft from C:\Programfiles
  4. Delelete temp directory from "Document and Setting\username\localsetting emp
  5. reinstall AnyDVD and register

Hope that would help.


it could be a bad key (probably not tho) they do slip through sometimes


if that doesnt work then report it to slysoft as Bjproc said it , it might be a bad one


@ DadOf5,

Suggest “Copying” your “Key.AnyDVD” Registration Key file and then navigate to the default AnyDVD installation directory (C:\Program Files\SlySoft\AnyDVD) and “Pasting” the “Key.AnyDVD” Registration Key file there in the default AnyDVD installation directory (C:\Program Files\SlySoft\AnyDVD). Then while in the default AnyDVD installation directory (C:\Program Files\SlySoft\AnyDVD) click on the “RegAnyDVD.Exe” executable file located in the AnyDVD installation directory (C:\Program Files\SlySoft\AnyDVD) and when the pop up window is displayed click on the “Key.AnyDVD” Registration Key file located in that window and then the “Register AnyDVD” notification widow should appear stating ‘OK! Please Restart AnyDVD”. Click on OK and then exit and reboot. Your copy of AnyDVD should now be registered and operating correctly. If this above procedure fails then suggest contacting SlySoft as recommended by other Forum Members.

Strongly suggest safeguarding all of your SlySoft Registration Keys by copying then to a Floppy Disk, CD, and/or Zip Disk or some other type or remote storage device and storing them in a safe place. If anything ever happens to your computer then you have your all your SlySoft Registration Key safeguard archived for safekeeping. Failure to copy and safeguard your SlySoft Registration Keys in some location other then your computer could result in a lot of aggravation and headache and possibly repurchase if an unanticipated computer failure should occur. Storing your SlySoft Registration Keys on your Desktop is not storing your SlySoft Registration in prudent safe place. Things can easily happen to data stored on your Desktop.

Best Regards,


I really appreciate everyone that has replied and tried to suggest fixes to this

I had no luck last night, so I emailed Slysoft, and this is the email I got back from Cust. Support

I added the red text so maybe someone can see where I am stuck.


You received a license email with an attached
file called “Key.AnyDVD” DONE

Save that file to your hard drive. DONE

Then doubleclick onto Key.AnyDVD Did this and get the failed message, seems the registration tool wont open the file,
The file size shows 1kb is this right?

After that you will be asked to store the information in the
registry. Can’t get to this step
AnyDVD has to be installed!
Choose ‘OK’, reboot and you’re done.

Afterwards save the key file to a safe place (not your PC,
use a CD-R or a memory stick) in order to be able to
reregister AnyDVD if the registry gets corrupted or the
system crashes.

The same applies for CloneDVD.

Best regards,

John Smith
Customer Support

Again, Thanks for all your help on this…



@ DadOf5,

Suggest re-downloading your Registration Key. Quite possible your Registration Key somehow became corrupt during downloading.

Checking my particular ‘Key.AnyDVD” properties reveals size (301 bytes) and size on disk (4,096).

Perchance did you attempt the suggestion provided in my #6 posting in this thread? If so what were the results? Any error notification narrative displayed during the procedure?

Best Regards,


do whatt BJ said
redownload the key
also go into registry use find and delete all instances of anydvd and slysoft
reboot and reinstall



Here is screen shot of your steps…

Here is screen shot of what I end up getting after entering file.

I am not that familiar with removing items from registry, ( never done it ),

Is this what I want to remove?

What a pain this is, I do appreciate your time with me.


No need to do that. I advise not to delete any registry keys, this usually causes more problems than it solves.
There is no need to delete any registry entries.


What is the file size of your key?
If you open it in Notepad, does it look “good”?
(Please do not post it here!)
Are you using the key sent to you by email or the did you download it?
If you use the download key, try the key emailed to you you. I assume there was a transmission error.


Thanks for your reply.

I think I need to try deleting Slysoft out of the registry… and DL it again.


No need to do that. I advise not to delete any registry keys, this usually causes more problems than it solves.
There is no need to delete any registry entries.


do you by any chance have a program running that prevents reg entries or otherwise have the registry locked

never thought that deleting the reg entries would cause problems as the programs would be reinstalled immeditely

try this
run regedit
right click on any sub entry in your registry and export to my documents
open my documents and double click on the saved reg file
if all goes well the registry is not locked
if you get any error message the registry is locked

if above goes well
you could then open this reg file and your key with word pad
delete everything and in the reg file then paste the contents of you key in the reg file save and close file
double click on this modifiedreg file and see if that works


hmmmmm… I believe I did as everything as you instructed… no luck here.


@ DadOf5,

As recommended by SlySoft ->

If after downloading “Key.AnyDVD” Registration Key as instructed in the above SlySoft quotation and using the procedures outlined in my #6 posting in this thread if you still encounter problems you then need to re-contact SlySoft because there appears to be something incorrect with the “Key.AnyDVD” Registration Key they have provided. In your re-contact correspondence with SlySoft Customer Service suggest providing a Web Link to this CD Freaks AnyDVD Forum posting providing the CD Freaks AnyDVD Forum posting as amplifying information fully describing the difficulties you have encountered.

Best Regards,


I know this sounds dumb, but did you check your firewall to see if AnyDVD is blocked.


Could it possibly be that the user under which he is logged does not have the correct perms to modify the reg. As I was reading eveything every one else posted that popped in my head. Just a thought.


Out of just pure laughter this could be an HP problem…