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My computer is constantly rebooting. If the hard drive has gone bad and has to be replaced, how do I get a copy of my registration key before everything is erased? I can still access files, I just never know when my computer is going to reboot.


have a read of this post and you’ll find out how to back up your key.

but did you not back up your key to a floppy/cd as by the email slysoft send you? or save the email’s, as your key is an attachment on one of them ?

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[B]The Key for AnyDVD is stored here ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SlySoft\AnyDVD\Key’

Open Regedit browse to the above location, highlight ‘key’ and choose File > Export.

Copy and Save onto your desktop PC.[/B]


Did you save the key when you downloaded it when they sent you an e-mail . If you cant find it I remember someone posted how to get it out of windows registry. Do a search of this forum -it may take alot of time to find it or someone else might know how to get it from your windows registry. You should have saved it to a floppy thumb drive or whatever or cd .good luck Above is posted how to do that-


Plus after you save you files and registry you can clean your computer with a can of air dirty dusty fans can cause this, also ram going bad can do this too then check the power supply. I would do this before you run out and buy a new HDD. I think since the computer is booting up it’s not likely to be your HDD. Oh sorry for the highjack of the thread just thought this info would help out with the rebooting.


@ scotton

if you clink the link i gave to hollister you’ll find out how to retrieve it from your registry :wink:



Thanks but I have my key to slysoft saved to floppy, thumb drive ,hard drive etc… When downloaded it from the e-mail slysoft sent me I saved it in a few places.Its a very long string in your registry and I just dont like to mess with the registry unless to get rid of spyware . Thanks.


I am interested your problem or symptom of your computer constantly rebooting have fond out exactly what is the cause of your rebooting if yes what piece of hardware was failing? Thanks


it’s not the long string you are saving, well you are but, it saves it as a registry file/key, then a double click is all you need after that. try it and find out.

i’ve also saved mine in a few places :slight_smile:


for xp x64 the reg key is here

if you export this key you will get a reg file containing all your SS keys
to reinstall in future just double click this file you just made