Registration key trouble dvdfab

windows vista home premium, defender off, user authintication off, no antivirus stuff running.

i have used dvdfab plat 4 for a long time. I tried to upgrade to dvdfab5 but had registration trouble similar to the other threads here. it seems like most people are having good luck by double clicking on the reg key with dvdfab closed.

using either my old or new key i am getting an error that the application failed to start because crashrpt.dll was not found. immedialy after clicking ok i get a windows pop-up saying dvdfab has stopped working and that windows will close it.

i have reinstalled dvdfab, the HD decryptor part seems to work fine. i have to the best of my knowledge followed everything on the 6 other threads like this one.

is the key supposed to open with the dvdfab exe file? i am showing dvdfab as the target of the file. when i look at it in notepad there is only my key.

anyway can someone get me back on track i must have messed something up.


please do an uninstall following the instructions from stormjumper.

be sure when you retrieved your new key you selected dvdfab5.

and yes i suggest double clicking key to enable registered version.