Registration key problem

I had Clonedvd and was prompted to download the latest version. So now I have, but it now tells me that I have 21days left of my trial period. I have tried to re initiate the key again but it has no affect. Can any one help do I need to by this newer version or do I have a problem with my computer.

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Contact SlySoft directly about this, we have no access to your licence keys on here.


I am not asking if you have access to the keys, I am asking if any one has had similar problems, and what the resolve might have been. Or if any one know if I need to buy a new key or not.
I have contacted slysoft and have received now answer after two weeks and three attempts very disappointed love the software but not the service as I most cases in the world to day.


Some poeople have bought keys from sources thinking they were legit but have turned out to be stolen keys, some have genuinely got some issue with their system that causes a problem, some have had keys blacklisted because they have let other people use them. however there is nothing we can do except advise you to contact SlySoft directly.

If you had taken the time to read the sticky at the top of this forum ( you would already know this :stuck_out_tongue:

I was not having a go at you in my first post (or this one either) I am simply advising you at the start (before someone starts accusing you of stealing a key) that the only people who can issue you with a new key if necessary is SlySoft.

I am surprised that nobody contacted you, which makes me think your key may have been blacklisted or possibly your email has been overlooked, I hope you get your problem sorted out ASAP as CloneDVD2/AnyDVD are essential once you get used to having them.


If you installed over the old version, try uninstalling everything, including the registration information, then reinstall the new version and apply the reg key again.

Do you have Zone alarm pro 6 running or system mechanic?

I’m having the same problem.I’ve had the dvd cloner iv and I cant get it to get past the registration.

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this forum is for the Slysoft/elby versions of Clonedvd2, not dvd cloner.

you can post your question here to see if you can get more help there

Please read this: This forum is designated for the Slysoft/Elby product. Not DVDCloner iv. We cannot help you here. Contact the company you bought the product from.:doh: