Registration Key Issues

I can’t get my registration key to work. I have the latest software, I have enter the key manually and also by clicking on the key icon. I get the message “The product will restart to enable the registered version.” The program never restarts and when I go to the “about section” of the program it only has the trial version enabled. What am I doing Wrong?

Have you rebooted your PC too?


Check out this thread, several people have been getting the download from the . net site instead of the . com site.


And make sure that you obtain a new V5 key from the pulldown on the website.

I am unable to even contact, let alone request a new v5 key. Everytime I attempt to submit any information, the site tells me I have entered an inavalid security code. The code is entered exactly as displayed. No caps lock or anything else. Anyone else having this issue?

Do not enter the asterisks in the code and see what happens.

HUH? asterisks, there are no asterisks. It asks you to enter a displayed 5 digit alpha numeric code that is in the shaded area, this prevents automated systems from submitting info, computers can not read it.

I was refering to the asterisks in the key code. I am sorry for the misinterpertaion. I know what you mean now. I will try it and get back to you.

How do I get to the pulldown on the website? I own plat 4, upgrading to 5. I’ve had all the same problems with the security access code when attempting to retrieve my reg key (via email) for version 4. I know I’m typing it correctly. Tried several times. However, I had saved a copy of it to my hard drive when I registered the first time w/ plat 4. I used that reg key for version 5… But it Doesn’t matter. I get the “Thank you for reg” must restart program MSG. But still comes up trial. I also copy and pasted it w/o asterisks. Reinstalled 5 over version 4. Nothing. Any help would be appreciated. How do I get my version 5 key?

Here ya go , and make sure in the dropdown box scrool down to dvdfab 5 and they will send you a key number plus an attachment which is a key that you just double click on, I saved the attachment key to a floppy just in case I need it later also FAB ver 5 will make it’s own folder instead of installing over ver 4 so you will have both versions

Thank you, alan worked great for me.

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