Registration confusion

I just upgraded to from DVD Fab Platinum 5 and I’m confused about the registration options.

I went to the website to retrieve my registration info, and the e-mail came with this info:

Thank you for choosing DVDFab 6!

DVDFab “DVD to DVD” (Never Expire)
DVDFab “DVD to Mobile” (Never Expire)

But when I registered, it tells me that DVD to Mobile expires Aug. 10.

If I’m going to lose my ability to rip DVDs to my iPod on Aug. 10, I’ll just go back to using V. 5.

go back to and explain the situation. this has unfortunately been happening for some users.

also while you are waiting for a response follow one of these guides. and try your key again.

Thanks. Strangely enough, I did another attempt at entering my registration number, and this time, it came up as DVD Mobile Never Expire, so we’re good now.