Registration Code

Is anyone else having problems getting a registration code form these guys. I paid for DVD2oneX on 4/24/03. On 4/28/03 I e-mailed them with proof of purchase. On 4/29/03, I got a e-mail from Erwin van den Berg. He said he e-mailed me the code and that I could also get it off their site. Still no e-mails. I’m considering asking for my money back.:confused:

No I got my code the next morning…

Keep trying to straighten things out. make sure email is right etc… I got my code in about 4 minutes!

I have been unable to get any reply from the registration web site. It seems to say it will send a code to let you register. I have gotten nothing. Demo is finally working for me but I can’t get to a place to buy it Any ideas?:confused: