Registration And Upgrade



DVDIdle is the owner. Make sure that is where you make the purchase because rip off site will send you there to download the trial version. When you go to DVDIdle download and install trial. When you purchase Element 5 will send you a link that will automatically unlock the program for 7 days. After 7 days, you will have to manually install the key.



Fengtao, could you please explain a little bit more what is going on here?
What is or was your relationship with them? Do they sell stolen keys? Do they have a hacked keygen?


I’m also having this problem. But I’m pretty sure that I bought this program from dvdidle because I paid 39.95. I’m sure if it was a rip off, I would’ve paid less. I have my registration key, but again, it keeps taking me in circles like these other guys. When I try to get a new key, it says that my e-mail adress is not found. Please respond as to what I should do about this. Thanks.


If you have more than one email address make sure to use the same one you used when you purchased your product. Most people have several email addresses. 7 or 8, but use 2 most of the time. One for home stuff and at work I have a government issued address that I have to use. I use others for different things such as storing my software keys and transfer info to computers that are not set up with an email program.



Does offer discount to board menbers?


Is the registration problem going to be fixed with V (dvd fab platinum)
For some reason the code works fine with V but gets kicked right
out as others have said in

Please get this fixed … there is a bug in your latest release (04/14/06 version)\



Hi 85rx7,

We only block some crack registration keys in version, could you please tell us where did you buy our product?

Best Regards,


If you pay thru reg now are you still buying directly from ? If so why so complicated all you need is e-mail address to send payments to.


Was given to me … do not where it was obtained from

I can pm you the key to see if it is illegal … if so, then
I will have to get correct legal one


Even if the key is legal it is illegal for sure to “give” it to someone else.


Yes, as long as you use the link on buy now page on dvdidle. I sent fengato a PM and he said it work okay.



Thanks,I just want to avoid update problems later.


It pays to be safe.



Just to clarify … when I said it was given to me, I meant just that
Someone can buy an item for someone else if they choose.

However, since the code I had does not work, it was best to just
purchase a code … at least it is good for lifetime upgrades of
a very useful program


Hi 85rx7,

Your key is a cracked key, and I have blocked it in latest version of DVDFab.

Could you please ask your friend where did he get the key? It’s definitely illegal.

Best Regards,


No, I can’t … he would not say when or where

And I have purchased a new key from your co already


I’d scan my computer for any of those malware, spyware, adware, viruses etc that come with many of the cracked keys for any program.



Why do you automatically assume that if the registration doesn’t work its because the key is illegal and that there isn’t some over zelous bug in your blocking code that is blocking legit key?

I have been a programmer for more than 17 years and this is not the proper response to the problem that SO MANY are having. This includes myself who I know for a certain fact has a legit key provided by YOU and am having trouble since I have been upgrading since version just fine but I had to redo the computer and when I reinstalled it won’t work now suddenly.

So you have any other solutions other than accusing people of stealing, cheating and lying? and having a band of your legion help with the attack on the people with legitimate problems? True some may be fakes and cheats but not fair to treat everyone that way.

Anyway, will look forward to a solution to this. In the past when your earlier versions were having problems we all stuck through it and even when you didn’t reply to the inquiries through support, we justified it but this is just rude.


Hi Guardian666,

The crack key blocking code is stable, it will not block legal keys.

For your problem, please PM me your order e-mail and I’ll check it.

Best Regards,


Since you are so sure, when you find out you are wrong, will you post a front page formal apology or just brush it under rug and pretend it never happened?