Registration And Upgrade

Hi Fengtao,

Bought this software prog approx two years ago. Am unable to upgrade ANYTHING after version 2.80…when I enter my registration key it appears to accept it…but it DOES NOT. This leaves me with a TRIAL VERSION!!

Any ideas on how to rectify this issue??



You can get your new key here.


Yes, AM aware of this … have tried this SEVERAL times.

What happens is:

1) Open up DVD desktop menu..Hit enter register code.

2) Having copied (EXACTLY) code...then paste into the 'box' the code..

3)then hit 'Register'

4) Then get a message 'Thank you! Please restart DVD Fab etc etc...

 5)hit this button and the menu closes...and with the welcome DVD desktp menu...which is Step 1 above!!!

What’s going on??


Hi Fengtao,

STILL having problems with registering DVD Platinium!!

ONLY happenes AFTER version 2.9…

Courtesy dictates that you reply?? EVEN if you say ‘Don’t know’!! ??


Hi I am sorry to bug you but I am new to this page and I would like to post a general question about how to decrypt the newer dvds…I can not figure out how to post a question on this site…can you help me?

Hi xelon17,

Please make sure you download and install the correct version of DVDFab, since there are three versions (DVDFab Platinum/Gold/Express).

You said you bought it two years ago, I guess it should be DVDFab Gold, please download and install it to see the result.

Best Regards,

Hi Fengtao,

Yep, have downloaded the latest version of DVD Fab Platinium vs,#

DVD Fab Platinium WAS the version I purchased.

Initially I DIDN’T enter my registration code…and got to use the trial version…

When I did enter my registration code got the same problem as described in my earlier email…and NOW have no ‘trial’ option!!!

Could you please sort this out, would sending you my registration code help??, as I am now UNABLE to use the software I have paid for!! Well, anything after version 2.9!!!




Please PM me your order e-mail address, then I’ll check and send your new key.

Best Regards,

Help!!! I’m Having The Same Problem!!! Bought And Paid For The Silly Thing, And It Keeps Telling Me To Restart The Program. I’ve Tried Restarting The Machine And The Program And It Brings Me Right Back To The Same Issue, Enter Reg Code. What Do I Do??? Thanks


Did you buy the program on (payment to and code from Element 5)?

Yes, please tell us where did you buy our product.

got exactly the same problem, bought platimum 2 years ago, had to reinstall after crash so got most recent copy and retrieved key, put it in and program says restart program but when you do that you go straight back to enter registration key just keeps going round in circles, tried entering the key manually and from the attachment in the email :confused:


I just deleted all from pc even registry downloaded new version today reinstalled and still the same issue !!! HELP !!!

I’m considering purchasing DVDFab Platinum, but of course I would like to register it.

Anyone else having similar problems with broken registration in the recent versions?

You should not have a problem as long as you purchase from: and pay through Element 5 Which is a division of Digital River a Company that provides a method of paying and sending codes for download software for many companies.

Beware there are people trying to sell fengtao’s software at about half price using StormPay. There is an old saying if a deal seems too good to be true, it is probably not a deal.


I’m having the same registration problem. But I bought my software through so does that mean I can’t get a new registration key? :a

Is the actual company. I would rather pay $30 more and buy from the owners or the software.

Probably, ask yourself why another software author would want to sell a competitor’s product at half price. I would contact for new key.


In a word…Yes… :iagree:

Never buy from, it’s fake

Always buy from