Registration and divx/xvid question



hey everyone,

My trial just expired and I want to purchase. I am also in the market for a new laptop, so my question is if I buy a registration code now and end up getting a new computer will I be able to put DVDFab on my new computer without having to purchase a nother code?

Also, is there any way to convert things that are like divx or xvid’s into zune/ipod ready formats with this program? Can you even burn to disc divx or xvid with this?

Thanks for your help.


Question A: [B]YES[/B]
Question B: [B]NO[/B]


Hmmm… very helpful :rolleyes:

@polishp86: If your ‘Question B’ relates to converting XviD/DivX to iPod then you can use the freeware Mediacoder.