Registering New-Email Problem


I am a longtime user of DVDFAB. When I try to change my email address, I am asked for my invoice number. When I provide my Elements-5 invoice number, it is rejected as invalid (yes, I typed it in correctly!). I still have a copy of my original invoice(s) in which the purchase year is 2004.

This means that I cannot update my registration key from DVDFab4 to DVDFAB 5. Please help since I seem to be going in circles trying to get a new registration key by first updating the e-mail address.


Thanks! ---- I tried several hours later and the change-of-email address verification system now recognizes my original Elements 5 order number so that I was able to update my email address and then quickly retrieve an updated license key for DVDFab5.

Congrats LSL52 ! Nothing worse than teck difficulties lol. ~ Mike