Registering cd help

i’m in desperate help i got the nero oem suite cd today and in the installing process i put in the regeristration number and the next button won’t come up and let me finish installing the cd what do i do???

No hyphens or spaces…

Its not recognizing the serial number as being legitamate (or even the right charicter format). You will have to call nero and get another serial number issued (or try the nero clean tool if you can find it). I doubt that the clean tool will work though. It’s not recognising it as an incorect serial number, it’s just flat out not recognizing it as the appropriate serial format at all. Fyi, is there a chance you typed in the serial number wrong (like mistaking 8’s for B’s?

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uninstall and start again. make sure you are reading the characters correctly.
some are hard to make out (0/O, I,1). I got quite frustrated at one program because of getting one simple character wrong.
I still swear someone changed it :wink:

My windows xp disk is the worst. The serial number is printed inside a cardboard paper foldout on a sticker. I have to type it in a couple of times each time it askes for it before I get it right. If they are going to go to so much trouble to make sure we are licienced, the least they could do is print the serial number clearlly!!!