Registering at AnyDVD - problems?

This was suggested on another thread and since so many people are having the same problem its not a bad idea to try and make a new post on this related topic.

  1. Are you having troubles registering with AnyDVD Forum?
  2. Have you registered and not recieved a response in a email back from the forum?
  3. Can you log into your account and yet can not post?
  4. Are you able to PM people on that site and yet not post?

Well this is my situation and maybe a few of yours as well.
So I am making this thread for people to post this and account names so the site itself can fix the situation and not get hammered with emails like this. This can be much easier for the site itself to help us all out.

I am registered on AnyDVD forums as XBURN as here.

Anyone else could and should say as well

Sorry moderators of this forum if this is out of line, if yes please delete this thread

I’m having the same problems 1-4. I’m registered as GAMacky as I am here.

JVC had suggested that the activation email might be in the junk-mail folder. I checked and it wasn’t there. But since I registered last night, I thought it might be erased. But there’s no place on the new forum that’ll allow you to resend the activation email. Very frustrating.

I’m sorry about the problems. All I can tell you is that the Slysoft Admins are looking into the problem. Of course, I have no control over technical issues with registering.

I tried the re-register option as mentioned before with another email account.

I got this message so I assume I am registered but not at the same time.

“That username is already in use. If you are XBURN and you have forgotten your password, click”

But I take it this will complicate the registration even more so I hope the site adminstration looks here and can fix it.

An “Admin” over there will have to re-send the confirmation e-mail to the members awaiting activation…

They should be able to see all the members that are awaiting activation in there control panel, and should be able to re-send the confirmation to all of those members with one click, unless they are experiencing other problems??

According to an Admin the problem has been fixed.

Are they going to re-send confirmation e-mails or is everyone going to have to re-register?

I’ll ask. I can see that XBURN is a user awaiting email confirmation, but I dunno how to send that email request again.

I don’t know how much “power” you have on there board… You may not have access to those settings…

Yeah, I’m pretty new to this stuff. First day using it.

It won’t take ya long to get familiar with it… just hang in there and keep trying to ya get the rest of us in the door…

Thank you Webslinger, AnyDVD crew and all that helped here.

I just got my confirmation email, I’ m a proud new member with my original registration.

So yes they are working on it and we will all be there and here for the greater good of burning :slight_smile:

That was fast… I just got my confirmation email too… Thanks!

I didn’t really do anything. I was just passing on information that I had to you.

Take care.

Yep, I got my confirmation email two min ago. :slight_smile:

Thanks for passing on information Webslinger!

Due to a failure in our email system, 1280 new members didn’t get the activation email. We fixed the problem and re-sent the activation mail to these users.

My apologies :bow:

I have recieved the email and all is well. Thanks Tom!

Good to see customer care focus and service.

Sounds like you did a great job getting this acknowledged Webby, thanks.:clap: