Registered Wrong Beta Function, Butt Still Sore From Kicking Myself

The other day I went to download the DVDFab 5 Beta and I accidentally registered the Decrypter instead of Platinum. Is there any way that I can redownload the Beta and reregister Platinum?

Yea, I know I did a stupid thing, but I’m only human.

do a clean install of dvd fab 5 and reinstall it. then put your key in the version you wanted. It will work because i did the same thing.

No, didn’t work for me. DVDFab Decrypter is still there. Couldn’t register Plantinum. Did all the things in Stormjumper’s clean uninstall post, Decrypter is still there.

Have you tried to enter the registration code in the About window?

In the upper right corner of the program there is a ? mark.

did you put the code in and then click on platinum?