Register CloneCD

i have the evaluation version of clone cd and it is about to expire in 2 days. although i plan to buy a serial code , it’ll be a few more days before i can get my parents credit card number.
will clone cd stop working after the 21 days or is is like winzip and you can continue to use it after it expires??

also , on the clone cd site it says they will accept cash.

will they accept canadian currency/bills or do i need to exchange for euros (or whatever) if i want to go the cash route.
and it isn’t a problem it i send a few extra cents??? the cost is $64.??$ but the closest to that i can get is 65(20x3 + 5)

Most do stop after 21 days although, for reasons only known to Olli, some continue past the try & die date

clone cd keeps reading images but it wont write them until you enter the serial:)

i bet if you email elaborate bytes, they’d tell you if they took cash in your currency, or not :wink: