Register AnyDVD

I have registration codes but AnyDVD keeps saying that my trial has expired etc. Any suggestions ?

thank you

  • a granger

Contact the vendor.

If you use DVD Decrypter for ripping/burning or DVDShrink/Nero for ripping and burning you do not need any DVD at all. DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter both have disc protection removal.

As far as I am aware DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink will not work on the new versions of ARccOS or the reported RipGuard. I do know that you can make a PSL for DVDDecrypter and use VOBBlanker, but this is no where near as quick as AnyDVD.

What I have said in my post is applicable to my own experiences which only to DVD Vidios and I have not experienced it with games.

DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter do not handle the newer copy protections of ARccOS protected discs. They are no longer updated. So, an alternative is needed, such as AnyDVD.

But as far as agrange’s problem, he will need to email Slysoft for his registration problem, if he has not corrected it on his own yet.

I was only talking about DVD videos - AnyDVD removes the protection from movies, it does nothing to remove the protection from games.

ARccOS and Ripguard are protection systems for movies only made by Sony and Macrovision. Good luck with Shrink or DVDDecrypter trying to back up Madagascar or Stealth for example.

this is true, but neither one have been updated in ages (and won’t be either). either you’ve gone through the workaround to make the psl2 file to use with dvd decrypter or you’ve been lucky so far. there are a number of protections that neither program is equipped to crack that are already on the market.

Amazing when a senior member makes such a post :clap:

nonsense [though i wonder how much quicker AnyDvd is, if it’s say 1/2 half the time i may buy it soon because then it’s worth it + the updates - so is it faster? how long did it take you to do those dvd’s? anyone with anydvd???]

i did Madagascar and also Stealth like this:

  1. Didn’t have AnyDVD [though i hear it’s a good program and i may get it]
  2. Ripped with DVDFAB
  3. Ran through VobBlank with default settings, ie input us the just ripped DVDFAB files and output to another directory.
  4. DVDshrink with the new files that you just processed with VobBlank.
  5. In DVDshrink for the best quality settings i had to turn off the sharp settings else it didn’t turn out good, but Stealth worked good with the setting on or off though

Done pretty good and simple, worked good


anydvd decrypts in the background “on the fly” so to speak the only speed limitation is the method you use to rip the disc to your hard drive.

I would like to know what in my post you consider nonsense?

For you information on using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, my typical backup time is round about 24 minutes - that is of course a movie that requires to be compressed. If no compression is required I would be in the region of 15 minutes. This is inserting the original disc to having the copy ready to play!

Out of interest, how long does your method take???

now that wasn’t nonsense, it’s just the info i wanted to know, ie time, and it seems quicker than my method. When you did Madagascar or Stealth was it about 24 minutes as well for the whole dvd.