Registartion failed

If any one could help me i would appreciate it
I ordered both clone dvd and any dvd I registered the clone dvd no problem
When i did as suggested changed the file name to Key.AnyDVD it changed the icon to a fox ok when i doubleclick it it say s registratin failed this is with the keys i was sent for anydvd i am loged on as admin and i have newest verision installed

 Thanks :sad:

running xp home

Where does it say to change the file name ?

Right click your key in the email and save as, ‘key’ (will be there anyway) save, then double click the key where you saved it, it should work, if not uninstall/reinstall then use your Key.

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i have tried all this at one point the key was saved as a txt file that s when i read here to changhe the file name. I have no problem registering when the key is a sheep but it still gives me the message in any dvd how much time till my trial expires i tried uninstalling but still no luck i have written slysoft support and get no help

slysoft are busy guys, they will reply to you, what version of anydvd are you using ? if it’s an older version download the newest (

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Try this drag & drop key into directory C:\Program Files\SlySoft\AnyDVD
In this directory you should also have RegAnyDVD exe double click this & a window opens click on key then open A box should then appear saying how AnyDVD has been registered & to restart machine

Hi just went off & tried this method again on my own machine worked perfectly for me lets hope it works for you

When i did as suggested changed the file name to Key.AnyDVD it changed the icon to a fox

if you had AnyDVD allready installed then the key would have allready apppeared as the fox icon. it is only when AnyDVD is NOT installed that the key appears as an unknown file.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry I order the same product twice clone dvd :confused:
thanks for the help Problem solved

Also having problems registering AnyDVD. Running Win XP Pro (SP2). Purchased reg key directly from SlySoft and they confirmed it is valid. Running version and double-clicking the key produces a very nice message: registration ok, re-start AnyDvD. But restarting the program yields a message that the trail period expired! Tried uninstalling and re-installing AnyDVD but it didn’t help. System restore is off (SlySoft support suggestion) and I ran MSCONFIG first to eliminate all start-up programs, so virus checkers, firewalls, spyware checkers are off. SlySoft tries to help but can’t seem to come up with an answer. Saw previous post about “unblocking” the key (via file properties) but that option does not appear when I right-click the reg file and check all the tabs. Sure whould appreciate any guidance from more experienced people. Please forgive the English - still practicing!

Hi :slight_smile:
Have you tried my method (see previous post) It works for me & I’m running Windows XP Pro SP2

Hi zebadee, appreciate your help. Tried your suggestion about moving key to same folder as anyDVD program and using RegAnvDVD (executable) to load the key. Unfortunately I didn’t have the same luck as you. Also tried to load the key from the Start menu (Start, programs, SlySoft,anyDvD, register) but that didn’t work either. I’m glad to hear that the program registers okay for you – starting to think it did not work for anyone!

You should ask SlySoft support for assistance. It is possible, that your key simply does not work correctly, or is for the wrong product.

don’t forget to re-start windows once you got the the registration ok message, not only restart AnyDVD…shutdown your PC and restart.