Regions for dvd drive

i just found out my SONY DVD RW DW-D22A drive is set to region 2. im in australia and most dvds i get are region 4. but i own some region two and i want to buy some region 1 dvds. i know you can change teh region 4 times but after that its stuck and 2 thirds of my dvds will be useless. is there someway to make it so it can play all of those regions?

2 ways, get hacked firmware for your drive that removes region restrictions. Or the easy way is to use a program such as Any DVD, or freeware apps such as dvd43, or dvd region killer.

i tried the dvd region killer and it says i need one that doest have a region but mine is already set so its not working im not really sure what im doing but i really want my dvds to work

You may want to try LtnRPC. I’ve never tried it but they do list it a lot at The Firmware Page.

SONY DVD RW DW-D22A - No Firmware Updates Available
(Known Firmware: BYS1)
Use LtnRPC to reset or disable the Region Counter. Click Disable and your drive will be region free!

in order for you to be able to play dvds from any region/zone you need to remove or circumvent region restrictions on both a HARDWARE and SOFTWARE level. removing region restrictions on a hardware level will allow to DRIVE to play dvds from any region without complaint or error. best way to acheive this is to flash the drive with RPC-1 firmware. 2nd best way is to use a region reset utility [if one exists for your drive model].

however, once that is done, your software dvd player, eg., powerdvd, windvd, nVidia nv-dvd 2.55, will error if it finds a region mismatch between the dvd disc and whatever region Windows has set the drive region to. best way to circumvent the software checks is with anydvd…i have tried the others, they are crap.

thanks i think ive got it working now