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Hi and thanks for stoping by,

have a question related to Elbys Region Killer.Please dont kill me for still using RegionKiller :slight_smile: but it works like sharme with my system and player and causes no problems playing all kinds of protected dvds. How ever i have one question. Is it very difficult to implement a macrovision filter (don´t think on CSS encryption routine only simple macrovision removings) in it for an final final release :wink: ? That would be really great and handy for doing hdd recording backups of dvds in case other ripers arn´t working…

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Sure. AnyDVD is the final release. :slight_smile:


Yeah of course :slight_smile: praise AnyDVD :wink:

i just thought about the worst case that AnyDVD locks up while encrypting some protected dvd…and doing a harddisk recording backup is better than nothing…but actually yeah right Olli…there aren´t that many dvds which cause AnyDVD to hang or lock up totally, right :smiley: ?

Allright. Its definitly the year for AnyDVD :smiley:

best success!



one last thing…i allready send Slysoft the ifo files of one dvd. Tried AnyDVD and DVDIdle and lots of other tools but after encrypting i cant to time play search…i found out it has to do something with some “time map table” called VTS_TMAPTI. The only solution wich worked so far was re-authoring and extracting the main film. Not worked for the whole dvd.
After this the panel for time play search was unlocked and i was able to jump in the film manually. Tried voblanker and so many other other tools. Is there any other way i can deal with this problem cause its quite annoying not beeing able to jump in dvds while watching…repeating cool scenes and for example quiting the film for some reason…not want to watch the whole film

hope its not against rules to point to this thread which deals with a similar
problem but i don´t understand the basics they are talking about there.
(i will remove the link if not allowed immediatly)

:frowning: thats really is a pain…but it mustn´t be a protection, or?