Regional protection



I am relatively new to the forum. Am fairly knowledgeable in computers. My problem involves a disc of The African Queen which I purchased online. I knew it would be out of region, and it was - region 2. Figured that I could get around that with software. I have two dvd players, an older Panasonic player/recorder and a Sony DVP NS50P. My backup disc plays fine on my computer and also on the older Panasonic but will not play on the Sony - message is that the disc is out of region. I have ripped my original region 2 dvd every way I can think of using, Shrink, DVD Decrypter, DVD Fab DVD Decrypter, and AnyDVD. The results are the same. There appears to be some sort of regional declaration that is not stripped away by any of the methods I’ve tried. Looking for a firmware patch, there does not appear to be one for the Sony DVP NS50P. Any ideas?


AnyDVD and DVDFab should have removed the region coding. This is very unusual. Those would have been my first suggestions.

Have you tried the dvd player hacks found here?

If none of those hacks work, I have a solution for you but I don’t think you’ll like it much. You can rip just the main movie to the hard drive (use either DVDFab HD Decrypter or AnyDVD + DVDShrink in ReAuthor mode). Then use Vob2Mpg to convert the .vob files to one big mpeg2 file. This won’t degrade the picture, you’re just removing the video from the dvd structure. Then rebuild your movie with an authoring program. Import the newly made mpeg2 to DVDStyler, GUIforDVDAuthor or DVDAuthorGUI and make a new dvd-video. Burn to disk. It will not have any region coding.

You lose the old menus, the extras, all the old structure this way. If you want to rebuild the entire thing…that is possible, but complex.

Lets hope someone else has a simpler solution and posts.


The error message is likely generic. While most players will play region free discs (which is what you created), not all players can play NTSC and PAL. A region 2 disc will be in PAL format.


Good catch Dogg. Since he stated his problem was region I focused on that, and forgot the PAL/NTSC problems that can occur.