Regional differences in SecuRom *New* >v4.8 BWA files?

Since there are often some differences in the executables of games depending on where it is sold (e.g. US/Europe version), does the BWA file from a SecuRom >v4.8 copy-protected CD vary between the US/Euro version, for example? Basically will a European image backup burnt with a US BWA (Twinpeak-ed, of course) be able to foil the SecuRom >v4.8 protection?

If I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get a spike-free BWA myself and testing it on a CD-RW, eventually I can get it to work. But if I download a BWA from here or Portmac’s (presumably he is using the Aussie version?) site, the SecuRom check will invariably fail.

Yes sometimes there is a difference, i tested it myself a few weeks ago. I bought Hitman 2 here in Denmark and used a downloaded bwa file for the burning. It worked NADA… :a I couldnt see any difference from the bwa i made with my lite-on and the downloaded one, but the bwa i made myself worked perfect :confused: