Regional Code

We can reset the counter of regional code? I don’t understand “HOW”, but i have 1 left change :doh:

Now i have DangerousBrothers 111L 8.26 firmware.

Your question is quite confusing. Are you saying your drive only has 1 change left? That would mean your drive is not region free. If I’m not mistaken if you used the DANGEROUS BROTHERS firmware your drive should be region free. By only applying the region free hack on your 111L drive you still need to make your windows operating system region free as well. You can use DVD REGION KILLER. Do a search in google for the download.

The same thing happened to me when I used the DB firmware. I first updated my 111D to 8.25, I then switched and went to the 111L and final now I’m using the A11 at 1.23 from the DB site. When I check in the device manager it tells me I only have 1 region code change left. There are supposed to be a total of 5, I think. Did those changes from one firmware to another affect the region code.

I don’t know if this can be helpful but here’s a screen shot of my PIONEER 111D @111L Firmware DB 8.26. As you can see it does say “NO LOCK DETECTED”.
Maybe because you changed the region before doing the DB region free firmware it shows as 1 left.

Wrong. You flashed the TDB rpc-1 firmware - that made YOUR DRIVE regioncode free, not your system/OS.
You must also use a software like Regionkiller to make your system regioncode FREE.

When the drive is RPC1 Windows will just make stuff up!

Brother Vlad