First off let me say damn fine site. Very informative.

I got a Nec 2500a today and am a little confused about the “DVD Region” area of it.

Common sense says to pick ‘US’ or ‘region 1’ I beleive it is, if you live in the US, right? And it says I can only choose a total of 5 five times.

Now my question is: I can’t play or burn a DVD wihtout picking my region, is this correct? And is there a way that I can get unlimited picks or so. Would I need some firmware for that?

Please forgive my ignorance in this matter Im fairly new to DVD Burners. (I was able to install the drive without any help though :p)

Any info would greatly appreciated, thanks.

Yep TDB region free firmware does just what you are looking for.

You can also load Herries’ beta 6 firmware, which has many additional features such as bitsetting, more supported media etc… and also includes regionfree for your drive.