Region unlocking not working to view movies

I’m trying to use DVD Region + CCS Free to watch region 2 movies on my region 1 Toshiba laptop - I’m visiting London and wanted to watch some movies. For some reason it isn’t working with either WinDVD or Nero Showtime.

The DVD itself doesn’t even play in WinDVD and is distored and jumpy (10-15 seconds between updates to the screen) with Nero.

The WinDVD player is a bit old - I think it is version 5, but Nero is version 7 Ultra.

If it helps the DVD is Children of Men (it is a rental). I’m just watching the movie NOT copying it.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give

I would try upgrading WinDVD to the newest version which has a better codec,
also may want to check for a updated firmware for your DVD drive

OK - but the dvd player etc. work fine with region 1 movies. I also use dvd43 and 1Clickdvd without any issues on region 1.

I’m sorry I thought you said you was not trying to copy it, Just watch it
that is why I suggested to upgrade WinDVD because it has a better codec.

If you want you can use [B]DVDFab[U] Decrypter[/U][/B] to put it on your Laptop to watch here is the link it is free, make sur you open common settins>[B]Protection[/B] and change the region in the drop down window

Agree with StormJumper. WMP is not the best player anyway.
A number of others such as powerdvd, nero showtime are much better.
My favorite little gem is vlc …hasn’t failed me yet.

One more thought…
This wouldn’t happen to be a matshita drive, would it?
They are horribly proprietary…very difficult or impossibleto find region-free firmware and are not supported by most copying software such as Fab.

Are you running Region & CSS Free at the same time? Also not sure what the PAL verse NTSC has on a computer screen, but you may need to make some adjustment in the settings of the player.


you are right in one - it is a matshita drive, so that is probably it. Any suggestions?

Also I am just trying to view the movie - I just gave the example of some programs that I haven’t had any trouble with (including Nero).

Hi again jon52b,

Sorry about that…skimmed over your original post and must’ve had WMP on the brain… :doh:
Anyway, The matshita drive is almost certainly your problem.

Do a search for region-free firmware…sorry but I don’t have the time to post some likely suspects. As I said, it’s tough to find firmware for these drives, but hopefully you’ll get lucky.

Hope this helps and good luck