Region setting before flashing?

I recall from an IBM laptop I flashed a while back that you need to set the drive to a region before flashing it to rpc1. Is this common? What would be the technical explanation for it?

In addition, does anyone see a downside to the “auto-reset” FW’s? I’m now debating btwn flashing with a “true” rpc1 or with a rpc2 that resets itself each startup. From what I read on Etna’s page this avoids my having to use DVD-Genie or the like.

Drive: NEC ND-5100a 10ac

Any thoughts?

Defeating RPC1 on the drive is only part of the solution, you will still need some region free software to watch DVD-Movies from any other region.

my point exactly. using auto-reset would solve that issue. the question is: are there any downsides?