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I previously used DVD X Platinum for my copying needs, however I could not get that to work with Vista, (like a lot of other software!), I just loaded DVD Platinum yesterday. When I attempted to copy “The Departed” I ended up with a disc that would not load. I then noticed in the settings that the “remove region code” box was checked. Should I un-check this? Thank you in advance

In the past some standalone players would not read discs with no region code. More likely you have a media compatibility problem (+R disc when the player likes -R) or the disc may need to be bitset to DVD-ROM type (DVDFab will do this for many burners if the box is checked in Common Settings–>Write. You may also need to reduce the burn speed to 8X or change to a different type of blankmedia. It would help if you could post the last couple of entrieds in the burn log. See the bottom link in my sig for where to find it and how to post it back so your fellow users can read it. Hope this helps. Let us know what worked or didn’t.

Thanks Signals. This is the first time I used HP Media (dvd+r DL) I wrote at 2.4. I’ve mainly used Memorex in the past. I will try switching back to that type. I’ll keep you posted.

You may be better off going with Verbatim or TY’s much better Quality disc’s, using low Quality disc’s may burn and play OK at first But over time they degrade and get to the point where they become hard to read :doh:
Just my 2 cents :bigsmile:


Just an update… I made the following changes in the settings; I set the burning engine to VSO, changed the write type to SAO, Set the speed to 2.4X, and checked the “set booktype to dvd-rom” box. After these changes everything works perfectly! This is awesome software!

Glad to hear you got it working.:slight_smile: Your player must be very sensitive about the discs it is willing to play.

Hi stoerrle35,

Glad to hear everything worked out for you.
Just want to to reiterate signals suggestion to go with Verbatim +R DL.
The problem with memorex is they are inconsistent, ie., multiple manufacturers, even within the same spindle. Often they are Ritek D01…pretty crappy media (the Ritek D00 aren’t too bad but still not up to the verbs).

No doubt you will get lucky with memorex, but trust me on this, you will get unlucky as well.

I don’t believe TY makes +R DL yet, although now they manufacture -R DL.
Haven’t tried 'em and not sure of availability yet.

For some decent info on blank media, check out:
digitalFAQ .

To obtain the MID (media code), just stick a disc in nero cd/dvd speed (link in my sig), fire it up and click on the disc info tab.

Here we are again pard…this time I didn’t spot you.