Region problem with playback?

I have just loaded Powerdvd on a German-made [Gericom Hydrospeed] laptop and it automatically loaded in German language so I can’t understand all the prompts but the only thing out of the ordinary I think is that a prompt came up which showed “Region USA and Canada” which was preselected from the list so I clicked OK, the DVD plays, I can hear the audio but nothing shows on the screen except for the regular Powerdvd screen, any ideas what’s going on here please?

Can you change the used language in PowerDVD?

I don’t have the User Interface tab as yours which gives you the language option.

I got the skin you can see in the PREVIEW window. At the right bottom there are two icon, the upper one leads to Configuration.

Tried to view the dvd using WMP but strange thing, I can see the video files but when I select it I get an error message stating that WMP cannot locate the file. Another strange thing is that I am seeing 2 partitions in Computer Management and the D drive shows a separate partition, could this have anything to do with this problem?

Maybe try using VLC tool.

Tried both VLC and Media player classic, no change, even folllowed this article’s instructions which has the same problem as I do

don’t know where to go from here?