Region problem with NEC ND3500AG

I have this DVD- burner/reader from NEC for a short time now. Before owned a 1300 from NEC. I download movies sometimes and burned them with the 1300 and the 3500 on the same dvd’s from Princo. Then watch them on de stand alone DVD player in the Living room. Never had any problems. MY new burner ( the 3500) burns movies also on the princo’s. But there is a problem. I can’t watch them on the stand alone DVD player in the living room. It tells me. Wrong region. Tested them also at friends… same warning. The movies I burned before with the 1300 can stil be watched on the stand alone player. Tried to change the region on the stand alone… no succes with that too. The region on the burner is set to region2. I use Nero Vision Express to burn as I did before with the 1300. The firmware on the NEC ND-3500AG is 2.16. Please can sombody help me??? What am I doing wrong, or what is going wrong where.
Kind Regards Sandranl

I think you need to burn the movies as region free. I don’t know if the software you use can do this, but here’s a screenshot on how my compression software deals with the regions

Flash your drive to fw 218btrpc1 this will give you the latest official write stratagies, region free, bitsetting, and riplock removed. one caution, this is modified unofficial fimware and will void your warrentee through nec. however if you ever want to get the true functionality and capabilities from you drive you have no other option.

ps. if you use dvd shrink to encode, it will solve your immediate region problem (you do not have to compress the data to use it), as it can be set to make your data region free. at the very least update your fw to official 2.18 from nec’s website…