Region problem and TV tuner problem

hi there. i’m new here, hence the newbie question. i’m having some problems with region compatibility i thought maybe you could help me with. i am trying to run region free dvd software with a matshita DVD-RAM SW-9581 on a japanese Fujitsu computer running Windows xp SP2. AnyDVD says that it can’t read out-of-region DVDs due to a possible firmware problem. i found the firmware update on the page, but it doesn’t seem to work. on the same page, it recommends using DVD RegionFree+CSSFree, but when i try that the player freezes when trying to read the main menu–i do NOT get any region encoding errors, though. any hints?
plus, on the same computer, i’m using an AVerMedia TV Tuner card with panasonic Tv Fun Studio software. Iwant to run my dvd player into the card but it apprently does not allow DVD sgnals on the inputs. Any ideas how to get around that?
solving either of these problems would help. i’ve tried searching the forums, but haven’t found anything adressing these specific issues.
thanks a ton.

Region codes are usually in three things on computer systems:

  • The operating system (software)
  • The dvd player (hardware/firmware)
  • The dvd playback software (software)

AnyDVD tries to “capture” your dvd player (hardware), decode the stream and give it back to the operating system and playback software. AnyDVD fails because your dvd player (hardware/firmware) isn’t compatible with it.

Did you flash a RPC1 firmware or an RPC2 firmware in it? Only RPC1 is region free.

DVD Playback is done via a special coding/decoding driver, usually called a codec. This codec uses a technique called overlay to put the image on your monitor.

Your tv card uses a video out codec which cannot “capture” the data from the overlay to reproduce it on a tv.

Thanks for that. The Flash said RPC1, but i’m not too sure. it’s new to me.

the second question i think was misunderstood. i want to run an actual, external DVD player into the S-Video input on my TV card, so i can watch DVDs on my monitor without worrying about region free software, but i get a “permission denied” error. i am wondering if there is any way to bypass any kind of copy protection that disallows DVD signals to be played into a tv tuner card.
I don’t want to run my PC dvd drive out to a tv.
thanks again, and sorry for not being clear the first time.