Region on dvd recorders

i have a very simple question:
if i change the region code of my dvd recorder it starts to write (cd’s-dvd’s) into the correspondent region?? or this take effect only on how it will read stuff?
and then why i cannot use my dvd decrypter on region dvd’s ‘other’ than my region? i dont’ get active button to start the process!


the region code is an information written in the ifo file, you can convert the region simply using dvddecrypter or dvdshrink (after ripping)

for the stand alone player you can use a modify firmware, if you want to play an original dvd (with a different region code)


  1. Very good question. Never gave a thought about it, though it is evident. But will check… Answer: a Region-free DVDRecorder makes Region-free DVDs.

  2. To make a DVD region free use AnyDVD, it implies to using DVDDecrypter as well.

thanks for reply,

i have a set of 5 original dvd (region1) so in english ad english subtitled…
i would made a copy with italian subtitle (i would make these by tranlate those by myself) can i extract and modify a subtitle file from a dvd?? what i need?

This is a way how to add subtitles to a DVD:

OH! that’s great! thanks a lot… :smiley:

anyway i made a dvd after switching recorder to region 1… the resulting dvd is ordinarily read as region 2… :wink:

HI! thanks for this useful link… i tried to… but my problem is a little more complex…
i need to ‘modify’ english subtitles present on my dvd’s in order to translate them and then re-entrer as a different language subtitles…
is there any sup2sub or anything else? i know that it’s implying something like “virtual OCR”… but…
very thanks

anyone can help me? :frowning:

so, if i can’t be able to get a ready sub file it’s no way to add its own subtitle to a dvd?? :confused: (and if so, what is the origin of thousand of .sub .txt .srt file on the net?? :eek: )

just find out!
subrip can extract text from images (via OCR)…!!! :smiley: