Region locked dvds

OK ppl i need some help here i have a friend in Australia and she sent me some DVDs and i have media player and im trying to play them on my laptop but its saying that i need to update the driver to play the dvds and i dont know if i need to update it or if i can unlock the driver to be region free and somone was telling me i can unlock it but anyway their dvds are analog and were digital and theirs a way to unlock the driver to make it so i can play them now i went into my driver properties for my dvd cdrom i have a (optiarc DVD RW AD_7560A ATA divice) put out buy Microsoft an i went into hardware for my cdrom and went in to properties and tried to change the region and i did but it didnt work but if anyone could provide some instrucion that would be great

Try VLC Media Player. It’s free and region free.

I agree with olyteddy. Also, if you would like to backup the DVD so that it’s will play in region 1 (American & Canadian) players, try the program VOB Blanker. I’m taking these instructions from a post on that was posted 5 years ago.

" For those wanting to convert PAL to NTSC, download the program. Rip your movie to the hard drive with DVD decrypter. Then open your newly ripped files with VOB blanker. Under the title set block (center of program window), you’ll see your VOB files. The center column says “video format”. My example says NTSC 4:3 720x480. If you right click on the VOB’s you want to convert, then select “video attributes”, you’ll see a new window pop up. In this window, you can change the “standard” from PAL to NTSC and vice versa. You can even change the resolution in this window.

Do the above, then select or make a new output folder. Click on “process” at the bottom and let the conversion begin. You can then use DVD shrink or any other compression/burning program of your choice to burn your newly converted NTSC or PAL dvd (whichever you chose to convert to)."

I tried this twice and was successful with both attempts.